Printing Fashion is an annual festival, created in Paris, as an independent space for discussion for practitioners, critics, academics to explore the contemporary role and value of fashion media via the specific lens of printed and digital publications. Founded in 2019 by Justin Morin and Marco Pecorari, the Festival focuses on the landscape of fashion publications and fashion printed cultures while exploring the fashion of printed matter in the digital era. Each year the Festival focuses on a theme and explores a topic via roundtables, lectures and an exhibition where experts are invited to share their experiences, their practices and, most importantly, their multiple approaches to what a fashion magazine represents for them. While unveiling its imaginaries, the stereotypes, Printing Fashion discloses the transactions, the conventions, the labour, the value exchanges, its objecthood, the hidden practices and figures that surround the making of a magazine.

Printing Fashion is also an annual magazine that recollects all the discussions, encounters and experiences shared during the Festival. Created in collaboration with graphic designer Monica Fraile Morisson, the magazine is published and produced by the MA in Fashion Studies at The New School Parsons Paris and it represents an occasion for the students of the program to meet and work with professionals in the printed and digital media sphere.


Justin Morin: morinj(at)newschool.edu
Marco Pecorari: pecorarm(at)newschool.edu