Printing Fashion 2024


Printing Fashion returns with its #6th edition. The Festival creates a space for discussing the trajectory and evolution of printed media and the fashion of printed publication today, featuring key contributors in the field. Through debates, lectures and conversations, this year we will explore the concept of ‘Desire’. Our guests will survey this idea in connection with various aspects: the aspirational value of images and image-making, the commodification of bodies and the problem of representation in fashion media,  the relation between sexuality, fashion and printed media, the increasing desire and fashionability of working in creative industries, the appeals of activism and political discourses in popular media and finally the increasing allure of fashion brand archives.

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Thursday 28 March 2024

2.00pm – 3.00pm

Thomas Lenthal (System Magazine)
Moderated by Justin Morin and Marco Pecorari

3.00pm – 4.00pm

Re-Selling Printed Matters
Pascal Monfort (Ephemera)
Thibault Choay (CLASSIC Paris)
Moderated by Justin Morin

4.00pm – 5.00pm

Exclusivity on Print
Cecilia Dean (Visionaire)
Moderated by Ilaria Trame

5.00pm – 5.30pm

Desiring Labour
Giulia Mensitieri (ULB & EHESS)
Moderated by Marco Pecorari

5.30pm – 6.00pm

‘An Incomplete History of Perfume Ads from the Palais Galliera Donation.’

6.00pm – 7.00pm

Re-Inventing the Gaze in Photography
Zoe Natale Mannella
Neige Thebault
Moderated by Haydée Touitou

Friday 29 March 2024

2.00pm – 2.45pm

A Desire for the Past
Olivier Flaviano (Galerie Dior)
Perrine Scherrer (Dior Heritage)
Moderated by Antoine Bucher and Marco Pecorari

2.45pm – 3.30pm

Sexuality and Erotic Aesthetics
Benoit Bethume (Shy Guy)
Claire Detallante (Shy Guy)
Lucy Roeber (Erotic Review)
Moderated by Francesca Spiller

3.30pm – 4.15pm

Between Object and Image
Julie Peeters (BILL Magazine)
Moderated by Marco Pecorari and Justin Morin

4.15pm – 5.15pm

Desirable Bodies, Offending Objects
Pascal K Douglas (PAUL.E Magazine)
Brynne DeTurk Weaver (Pour Toi Magazine)
Moderated by Mélody Thomas

5.15pm – 6.00pm

Deconstructing Images
Sarah Vadé (Boy)
Koura-Rosy Kane (Platform Magazine)
Moderated by Justin Morin

6.00pm – 7.00pm

Alessia Glaviano (Vogue)
Moderated by Justin Morin and Marco Pecorari