Printing Fashion 2019

On Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th March 2019, the MA in Fashion Studies at The New School Parsons Paris will launch the first edition of the Festival ‘Printing Fashion’ in collaboration with the Art institution Le Plateau (FRAC Ile-de-France). ‘Printing Fashion’ creates in Paris an independent space for discussion for practitioners, critics, academics to explore the contemporary role and value of fashion media via the specific lens of printed publications. This first edition host different roundtables discussing various topics, among which the arisen of economic and cultural value of historical and contemporary print fashion publications; the relations between digital and printed media; the magazine as a curatorial project and the issue of representability and national discourse in fashion magazines. On the occasion of the Festival, KD Presse will also present a selection of publications through a pop-store store.

Monday 25 March

By Justin Morin & Marco Pecorari

5.15PM – 6.30PM

Fashion on Print: Values and Historical Perspectives
Moderator: Marco Pecorari
Antoine Bucher & Nicolas Montagne (Diktats)
Eric Namont & Alexandre Baret (KD Presse)
François Cam-Drouhin (Tailor Books)

7.00PM – 8.15PM

Fashion Publications Today: Evolutions and Challenges
Moderator: Justin Morin
Clément Corraze (ID France)
Angelo Cirimele (Magazine)

8.30PM – 9.15PM

A Selection of Films, Documentaries and TV Shows on Fashion Publications
Justin Morin in Conversation with Haydée Touitou

DRINKS: 9.15PM – 9.45PM

Tuesday 26 March

5.00PM – 6.15PM

The Fashion Magazine as a Curatorial Project
Moderator: Marco Pecorari
Dan Thawley (A magazine curated by)
Saul Marcadent (IUAV University of Venice – Gucci Gardens)
Maëlle Dault (Exhibition and edition coordinator
FRAC Ile-de-France)

6.30PM – 7.45PM

A Geography of Fashion Magazines and its Discourses
Moderator: Justin Morin
Haydée Touitou, Sarah de Mavaleix, Sofia Nebiolo (The Skirt Chronicles)
Florence Tetier (Novembre)
Emanuele Coccia (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales EHESS)

8.00PM – 9.00PM

In Conversation with Ezra Petronio (Self-Service)
Moderators: Justin Morin & Marco Pecorari

DRINKS: 9.00PM – 9.30PM